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Há!!! Today we're gonna see the words "child", "nephew", and their plurals. The four words are in a generic gender, meaning no difference between male and female, thing implied in the case of "nephews" in English, but manifest in Al. And in the case of "child" and "children", in English this words don't imply kinship, unlike Al, where they does imply necessarily kinship, as in Spanish "hijo/a/os/as". Later on, we're gonna see a way in Al to talk about "children" although not related by blood, but not today. Now, enjoy the 6th part. Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of conlang Al /ál/

po /pó/ [the] child(famlr) pO /pós/ [the] children(famlr)
/pói/ [the] child(vfamr) /póis/ [the] children(vfamr)
/póu/ [the] nephew(gen) /póus/ [the] nephews(gen)
/póe/ [the] child(formal) /póes/ [the] children(formal)
/póa/ [the] grandchild /póas/ [the] grandchildren
/póo/ [the] g.nephew(g) /póos/ [the] g.nephews(g)
pio /pió/ my/our child(famlr) piO /piós/ my/our children(famlr)
pió /piói/ my/our child(vfamr) piÓ /pióis/ my/our children(vfamr)
piö /pióu/ my/our nephew(gen) piÖ /pióus/ my/our nephews(gen)
piò /pióe/ my/our child(formal) piÒ /pióes/ my/our children(formal)
piô /pióa/ my/our grandchild piÔ /pióas/ my/our grandchildren
piõ /pióo/ my/our g.nephew(g) piÕ /pióos/ my/our g.nephews(g)
puo /puó/ your child(famlr) puO /puós/ your children(famlr)
puó /puói/ your child(vfamr) puÓ /puóis/ your children(vfamr)
puö /puóu/ your nephew(gen) puÖ /puóus/ your nephews(gen)
può /puóe/ your child(formal) puÒ /puóes/ your children(formal)
puô /puóa/ your grandchild puÔ /puóas/ your grandchildren
puõ /puóo/ your g.nephew(g) puÕ /puóos/ your g.nephews(g)
peo /peó/ their child(famlr) peO /peós/ their children(famlr)
peó /peói/ their child(vfamr) peÓ /peóis/ their children(vfamr)
peö /peóu/ their nephew(gen) peÖ /peóus/ their nephews(gen)
peò /peóe/ their child(formal) peÒ /peóes/ their children(formal)
peô /peóa/ their grandchild peÔ /peóas/ their grandchildren
peõ /peóo/ their g.nephew(g) peÕ /peóos/ their g.nephews(g)
pao /paó/ her/FP child(famlr) paO /paós/ her/FP children(famlr)
paó /paói/ her/FP child(vfamr) paÓ /paóis/ her/FP children(vfamr)
paö /paóu/ her/FP nephew(gen) paÖ /paóus/ her/FP nephews(gen)
paò /paóe/ her/FP child(formal) paÒ /paóes/ her/FP children(formal)
paô /paóa/ her/FP grandchild paÔ /paóas/ her/FP grandchildren
paõ /paóo/ her/FP g.nephew(g) paÕ /paóos/ her/FP g.nephews(g)
poo /poó/ his/MP child(famlr) poO /poós/ his/MP children(famlr)
poó /poói/ his/MP child(vfamr) poÓ /poóis/ his/MP children(vfamr)
poö /poóu/ his/MP nephew(gen) poÖ /poóus/ his/MP nephews(gen)
poò /poóe/ his/MP child(formal) poÒ /poóes/ his/MP children(formal)
poô /poóa/ his/MP grandchild poÔ /poóas/ his/MP grandchildren
poõ /poóo/ his/MP g.nephew(g) poÕ /poóos/ his/MP g.nephews(g)
pIo /pisó/ our child(famlr) pIO /pisós/ our children(famlr)
pIó /pisói/ our child(vfamr) pIÓ /pisóis/ our children(vfamr)
pIö /pisóu/ our nephew(gen) pIÖ /pisóus/ our nephews(gen)
pIò /pisóe/ our child(formal) pIÒ /pisóes/ our children(formal)
pIô /pisóa/ our grandchild pIÔ /pisóas/ our grandchildren
pIõ /pisóo/ our g.nephew(g) pIÕ /pisóos/ our g.nephews(g)
pUo /pusó/ your(p)child(famlr) pUO /pusós/ your(p)children(famlr)
pUó /pusói/ your(p)child(vfamr) pUÓ /pusóis/ your(p)children(vfamr)
pUö /pusóu/ your(p)nephew(gen) pUÖ /pusóus/ your(p)nephews(gen)
pUò /pusóe/ your(p)child(formal) pUÒ /pusóes/ your(p)children(formal)
pUô /pusóa/ your(p)grandchild pUÔ /pusóas/ your(p)grandchildren
pUõ /pusóo/ your(p)g.nephew(g) pUÕ /pusóos/ your(p)g.nephews(g)
pEo /pesó/ their(p)child(famlr) pEO /pesós/ their(p)children(famlr)
pEó /pesói/ their(p)child(vfamr) pEÓ /pesóis/ their(p)children(vfamr)
pEö /pesóu/ their(p)nephew(gen) pEÖ /pesóus/ their(p)nephews(gen)
pEò /pesóe/ their(p)child(formal) pEÒ /pesóes/ their(p)children(formal)
pEô /pesóa/ their(p)grandchild pEÔ /pesóas/ their(p)grandchildren
pEõ /pesóo/ their(p)g.nephew(g) pEÕ /pesóos/ their(p)g.nephews(g)
pAo /pasó/ their(f)child(famlr) pAO /pasós/ their(f)children(famlr)
pAó /pasói/ their(f)child(vfamr) pAÓ /pasóis/ their(f)children(vfamr)
pAö /pasóu/ their(f)nephew(gen) pAÖ /pasóus/ their(f)nephews(gen)
pAò /pasóe/ their(f)child(formal) pAÒ /pasóes/ their(f)children(formal)
pAô /pasóa/ their(f)grandchild pAÔ /pasóas/ their(f)grandchildren
pAõ /pasóo/ their(f)g.nephew(g) pAÕ /pasóos/ their(f)g.nephews(g)
pOo /posó/ their(m)child(famlr) pOO /posós/ their(m)children(famlr)
pOó /posói/ their(m)child(vfamr) pOÓ /posóis/ their(m)children(vfamr)
pOö /posóu/ their(m)nephew(gen) pOÖ /posóus/ their(m)nephews(gen)
pOò /posóe/ their(m)child(formal) pOÒ /posóes/ their(m)children(formal)
pOô /posóa/ their(m)grandchild pOÔ /posóas/ their(m)grandchildren
pOõ /posóo/ their(m)g.nephew(g) pOÕ /posóos/ their(m)g.nephews(g)

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