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Há!!! For those who took a look at the previous 4 parts, you'll notice that where it said "mãi /máeyi/ my mother", now it says "mià /miáe/ my/our mother". It doesn't mean I made a huge change just when I was showing my work to the world, it means I took back with a lot of changes that I've been mading because I'm not happy with the results. What I wanted was for the consonant which carries the meaning (M,D,P) to be stuck with the vowel which carries the meaning (A,O,E), what requieres, for instance in the case of "mother", to never separate the M from the A. But the best way of saying "my mother" keeps on being /miá/, and the best way of writing it keeps on being "mia", so I undid all the changes (don't be surprised or scared, turnings back sometimes just happen in this job of creating a new language, and don't worry, they're not too often). I also wasn't happy with the tilde meaning the sound /e/ and the grave meaning the sound /o/, so I undid that change too. And I also wanted to change I'i' for Ýý, U'u' for Ww and E'e' for Yy, to respect the Main Principle of "To be as short as possible" (I will put a text about the Main Principles as soon as I have some done in English, because I have everything is Spanish; I tried sometimes to write my thoughts down in English, but when I'm inspired, I must write it down in Spanish, sorry...). Said all that I had to say today, now enjoy the 5th part of the spreadsheet!!! Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of conlang Al /ál/

do /dó/ [the] son(familiar) dO /dós/ [the] sons(familiar)
/dói/ [the] sonny /dóis/ [the] sonnies
/dóu/ [the] nephew /dóus/ [the] nephews
/dóe/ [the] son(formal) /dóes/ [the] sons(formal)
/dóa/ [the] grandson /dóas/ [the] grandsons
/dóo/ [the] great nephew /dóos/ [the] great nephews
dio /dió/ my/our son(familiar) diO /diós/ my/our sons(familiar)
dió /diói/ my/our sonny diÓ /dióis/ my/our sonnies
diö /dióu/ my/our nephew diÖ /dióus/ my/our nephews
diò /dióe/ my/our son(formal) diÒ /dióes/ my/our sons(formal)
diô /dióa/ my/our grandson diÔ /dióas/ my/our grandsons
diõ /dióo/ my/our great nephew diÕ /dióos/ my/our great nephews
duo /duó/ your son(familiar) duO /duós/ your sons(familiar)
duó /duói/ your sonny duÓ /duóis/ your sonnies
duö /duóu/ your nephew duÖ /duóus/ your nephews
duò /duóe/ your son(formal) duÒ /duóes/ your sons(formal)
duô /duóa/ your grandson duÔ /duóas/ your grandsons
duõ /duóo/ your great nephew duÕ /duóos/ your great nephews
deo /deó/ their son(familiar) deO /deós/ their sons(familiar)
deó /deói/ their sonny deÓ /deóis/ their sonnies
deö /deóu/ their nephew deÖ /deóus/ their nephews
deò /deóe/ their son(formal) deÒ /deóes/ their sons(formal)
deô /deóa/ their grandson deÔ /deóas/ their grandsons
deõ /deóo/ their great nephew deÕ /deóos/ their great nephews
dao /daó/ her/FP son(familiar) daO /daós/ her/FP sons(familiar)
daó /daói/ her/FP sonny daÓ /daóis/ her/FP sonnies
daö /daóu/ her/FP nephew daÖ /daóus/ her/FP nephews
daò /daóe/ her/FP son(formal) daÒ /daóes/ her/FP sons(formal)
daô /daóa/ her/FP grandson daÔ /daóas/ her/FP grandsons
daõ /daóo/ her/FP great nephew daÕ /daóos/ her/FP great nephews
doo /doó/ his/MP son(familiar) doO /doós/ his/MP sons(familiar)
doó /doói/ his/MP sonny doÓ /doóis/ his/MP sonnies
doö /doóu/ his/MP nephew doÖ /doóus/ his/MP nephews
doò /doóe/ his/MP son(formal) doÒ /doóes/ his/MP sons(formal)
doô /doóa/ his/MP grandson doÔ /doóas/ his/MP grandsons
doõ /doóo/ his/MP great nephew doÕ /doóos/ his/MP great nephews
dIo /disó/ our son(familiar) dIO /disós/ our sons(familiar)
dIó /disói/ our sonny dIÓ /disóis/ our sonnies
dIö /disóu/ our nephew dIÖ /disóus/ our nephews
dIò /disóe/ our son(formal) dIÒ /disóes/ our sons(formal)
dIô /disóa/ our grandson dIÔ /disóas/ our grandsons
dIõ /disóo/ our great nephew dIÕ /disóos/ our great nephews
dUo /dusó/ your(p)son(familiar) dUO /dusós/ your(p)sons(familiar)
dUó /dusói/ your(p)sonny dUÓ /dusóis/ your(p)sonnies
dUö /dusóu/ your(p)nephew dUÖ /dusóus/ your(p)nephews
dUò /dusóe/ your(p)son(formal) dUÒ /dusóes/ your(p)sons(formal)
dUô /dusóa/ your(p)grandson dUÔ /dusóas/ your(p)grandsons
dUõ /dusóo/ your(p)great nephew dUÕ /dusóos/ your(p)great nephews
dEo /desó/ their(p)son(familiar) dEO /desós/ their(p)sons(familiar)
dEó /desói/ their(p)sonny dEÓ /desóis/ their(p)sonnies
dEö /desóu/ their(p)nephew dEÖ /desóus/ their(p)nephews
dEò /desóe/ their(p)son(formal) dEÒ /desóes/ their(p)sons(formal)
dEô /desóa/ their(p)grandson dEÔ /desóas/ their(p)grandsons
dEõ /desóo/ their(p)great nephew dEÕ /desóos/ their(p)great nephews
dAo /dasó/ their(f)son(familiar) dAO /dasós/ their(f)sons(familiar)
dAó /dasói/ their(f)sonny dAÓ /dasóis/ their(f)sonnies
dAö /dasóu/ their(f)nephew dAÖ /dasóus/ their(f)nephews
dAò /dasóe/ their(f)son(formal) dAÒ /dasóes/ their(f)sons(formal)
dAô /dasóa/ their(f)grandson dAÔ /dasóas/ their(f)grandsons
dAõ /dasóo/ their(f)great nephew dAÕ /dasóos/ their(f)great nephews
dOo /dosó/ their(m)son(familiar) dOO /dosós/ their(m)sons(familiar)
dOó /dosói/ their(m)sonny dOÓ /dosóis/ their(m)sonnies
dOö /dosóu/ their(m)nephew dOÖ /dosóus/ their(m)nephews
dOò /dosóe/ their(m)son(formal) dOÒ /dosóes/ their(m)sons(formal)
dOô /dosóa/ their(m)grandson dOÔ /dosóas/ their(m)grandsons
dOõ /dosóo/ their(m)great nephew dOÕ /dosóos/ their(m)great nephews

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