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Há!!! Yesterday and the day before were days of intense mental activity because there is something that is taking my sleep away: the diminutive. In English, you just use "little" or "tiny" and that's it, but in Spanish the diminutive is very important in everyday conversation. It carries a lot of meaning, since it isn't the same "mami" than "mamita" or "mamacita", and neither is the same "tiíta" when you're talking about a beloved aunt than when you're talking about a not beloved one; in the latter case, you call "tiíta" to an evil snake. Fortunely, I already have it figured out, and now I have some days left to introduce you the diminutive in Al. For now, here is the 4th part of my table, the part of the words "daughter", "niece", "granddaughter" and "great niece". Enjoy it!!! Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of conlang Al /ál/

mo /mó/ [the] dau mO /mós/ [the] daus
/mói/ [the] dauty /móis/ [the] dauties
/móu/ [the] niece /móus/ [the] nieces
/móe/ [the] daughter /móes/ [the] daughters
/móa/ [the] g'daughter /móas/ [the] g'daughters
/móo/ [the] great niece /móos/ [the] great nieces
mio /mió/ my/our dau miO /miós/ my/our daus
mió /miói/ my/our dauty miÓ /mióis/ my/our dauties
miö /mióu/ my/our niece miÖ /mióus/ my/our nieces
miò /mióe/ my/our daughter miÒ /mióes/ my/our daughters
miô /mióa/ my/our g'daughter miÔ /mióas/ my/our g'daughters
miõ /mióo/ my/our great niece miÕ /mióos/ my/our great nieces
muo /muó/ your dau muO /muós/ your daus
muó /muói/ your dauty muÓ /muóis/ your dauties
muö /muóu/ your niece muÖ /muóus/ your nieces
muò /muóe/ your daughter muÒ /muóes/ your daughters
muô /muóa/ your g'daughter muÔ /muóas/ your g'daughters
muõ /muóo/ your great niece muÕ /muóos/ your great nieces
meo /meó/ their dau meO /meós/ their daus
meó /meói/ their dauty meÓ /meóis/ their dauties
meö /meóu/ their niece meÖ /meóus/ their nieces
meò /meóe/ their daughter meÒ /meóes/ their daughters
meô /meóa/ their g'daughter meÔ /meóas/ their g'daughters
meõ /meóo/ their great niece meÕ /meóos/ their great nieces
mao /maó/ her/FP dau maO /maós/ her/FP daus
maó /maói/ her/FP dauty maÓ /maóis/ her/FP dauties
maö /maóu/ her/FP niece maÖ /maóus/ her/FP nieces
maò /maóe/ her/FP daughter maÒ /maóes/ her/FP daughters
maô /maóa/ her/FP g'daughter maÔ /maóas/ her/FP g'daughters
maõ /maóo/ her/FP great niece maÕ /maóos/ her/FP great nieces
moo /moó/ his/MP dau moO /moós/ his/MP daus
moó /moói/ his/MP dauty moÓ /moóis/ his/MP dauties
moö /moóu/ his/MP niece moÖ /moóus/ his/MP nieces
moò /moóe/ his/MP daughter moÒ /moóes/ his/MP daughters
moô /moóa/ his/MP g'daughter moÔ /moóas/ his/MP g'daughters
moõ /moóo/ his/MP great niece moÕ /moóos/ his/MP great nieces
mIo /misó/ our dau mIO /misós/ our daus
mIó /misói/ our dauty mIÓ /misóis/ our dauties
mIö /misóu/ our niece mIÖ /misóus/ our nieces
mIò /misóe/ our daughter mIÒ /misóes/ our daughters
mIô /misóa/ our g'daughter mIÔ /misóas/ our g'daughters
mIõ /misóo/ our great niece mIÕ /misóos/ our great nieces
mUo /musó/ your(p)dau mUO /musós/ your(p)daus
mUó /musói/ your(p)dauty mUÓ /musóis/ your(p)dauties
mUö /musóu/ your(p)niece mUÖ /musóus/ your(p)nieces
mUò /musóe/ your(p)daughter mUÒ /musóes/ your(p)daughters
mUô /musóa/ your(p)g'daughter mUÔ /musóas/ your(p)g'daughters
mUõ /musóo/ your(p)great niece mUÕ /musóos/ your(p)great nieces
mEo /mesó/ their(p)dau mEO /mesós/ their(p)daus
mEó /mesói/ their(p)dauty mEÓ /mesóis/ their(p)dauties
mEö /mesóu/ their(p)niece mEÖ /mesóus/ their(p)nieces
mEò /mesóe/ their(p)daughter mEÒ /mesóes/ their(p)daughters
mEô /mesóa/ their(p)g'daughter mEÔ /mesóas/ their(p)g'daughters
mEõ /mesóo/ their(p)great niece mEÕ /mesóos/ their(p)great nieces
mAo /masó/ their(f)dau mAO /masós/ their(f)daus
mAó /masói/ their(f)dauty mAÓ /masóis/ their(f)dauties
mAö /masóu/ their(f)niece mAÖ /masóus/ their(f)nieces
mAò /masóe/ their(f)daughter mAÒ /masóes/ their(f)daughters
mAô /masóa/ their(f)g'daughter mAÔ /masóas/ their(f)g'daughters
mAõ /masóo/ their(f)great niece mAÕ /masóos/ their(f)great nieces
mOo /mosó/ their(m)dau mOO /mosós/ their(m)daus
mOó /mosói/ their(m)dauty mOÓ /mosóis/ their(m)dauties
mOö /mosóu/ their(m)niece mOÖ /mosóus/ their(m)nieces
mOò /mosóe/ their(m)daughter mOÒ /mosóes/ their(m)daughters
mOô /mosóa/ their(m)g'daughter mOÔ /mosóas/ their(m)g'daughters
mOõ /mosóo/ their(m)great niece mOÕ /mosóos/ their(m)great nieces

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