domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016


Há!!! Today I made a very wide spreadsheet (don't worry, I don't work this much every day, lol). It is so wide, that I'm gonna split it in 9: 1st mother et al., 2nd father et al., 3rd parent et al., 4th daughter et al., 5th son et al., 6th child et al., 7th sister et al., 8th brother et al., 9th sibling et al. This is the 1st part. Enjoy it!!! Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of the conlang Al /ál/

ma /má/ [the] mom[ma] mA /más/ [the] mom[ma]s
/mái/ [the] mommy /máis/ [the] mommys
/máu/ [the] aunt /máus/ [the] aunts
/máe/ [the] mother /máes/ [the] mothers
/máa/ [the] grandma /máas/ [the] grandmas
/máo/ [the] great aunt /máos/ [the] great aunts
mia /miá/ my/our mom[ma] miA /miás/ my/our mom[ma]s
miá /miái/ my/our mommy miÁ /miáis/ my/our mommys
miä /miáu/ my/our aunt miÄ /miáus/ my/our aunts
mià /miáe/ my/our mother miÀ /miáes/ my/our mothers
miâ /miáa/ my/our grandma mi /miáas/ my/our grandmas
miã /miáo/ my/our great aunt mià /miáos/ my/our great aunts
mua /muá/ your mom[ma] muA /muás/ your mom[ma]s
muá /muái/ your mommy muÁ /muáis/ your mommys
muä /muáu/ your aunt muÄ /muáus/ your aunts
muà /muáe/ your mother muÀ /muáes/ your mothers
muâ /muáa/ your grandma mu /muáas/ your grandmas
muã /muáo/ your great aunt muà /muáos/ your great aunts
mea /meá/ their mom[ma] meA /meás/ their mom[ma]s
meá /meái/ their mommy meÁ /meáis/ their mommys
meä /meáu/ their aunt meÄ /meáus/ their aunts
meà /meáe/ their mother meÀ /meáes/ their mothers
meâ /meáa/ their grandma me /meáas/ their grandmas
meã /meáo/ their great aunt meà /meáos/ their great aunts
maa /maá/ her/FP mom[ma] maA /maás/ her/FP mom[ma]s
maá /maái/ her/FP mommy maÁ /maáis/ her/FP mommys
maä /maáu/ her/FP aunt maÄ /maáus/ her/FP aunts
maà /maáe/ her/FP mother maÀ /maáes/ her/FP mothers
maâ /maáa/ her/FP grandma ma /maáas/ her/FP grandmas
maã /maáo/ her/FP great aunt maà /maáos/ her/FP great aunts
moa /moá/ his/MP mom[ma] moA /moás/ his/MP mom[ma]s
moá /moái/ his/MP mommy moÁ /moáis/ his/MP mommys
moä /moáu/ his/MP aunt moÄ /moáus/ his/MP aunts
moà /moáe/ his/MP mother moÀ /moáes/ his/MP mothers
moâ /moáa/ his/MP grandma mo /moáas/ his/MP grandmas
moã /moáo/ his/MP great aunt moà /moáos/ his/MP great aunts
mIa /misá/ our mom[ma] mIA /misás/ our mom[ma]s
mIá /misái/ our mommy mIÁ /misáis/ our mommys
mIä /misáu/ our aunt mIÄ /misáus/ our aunts
mIà /misáe/ our mother mIÀ /misáes/ our mothers
mIâ /misáa/ our grandma mIÂ /misáas/ our grandmas
mIã /misáo/ our great aunt mIÃ /misáos/ our great aunts
mUa /musá/ your(p)mom[ma] mUA /musás/ your(p)mom[ma]s
mUá /musái/ your(p)mommy mUÁ /musáis/ your(p)mommys
mUä /musáu/ your(p)aunt mUÄ /musáus/ your(p)aunts
mUà /musáe/ your(p)mother mUÀ /musáes/ your(p)mothers
mUâ /musáa/ your(p)grandma mUÂ /musáas/ your(p)grandmas
mUã /musáo/ your(p)great aunt mUÃ /musáos/ your(p)great aunts
mEa /mesá/ their(p)mom[ma] mEA /mesás/ their(p)mom[ma]s
mEá /mesái/ their(p)mommy mEÁ /mesáis/ their(p)mommys
mEä /mesáu/ their(p)aunt mEÄ /mesáus/ their(p)aunts
mEà /mesáe/ their(p)mother mEÀ /mesáes/ their(p)mothers
mEâ /mesáa/ their(p)grandma mEÂ /mesáas/ their(p)grandmas
mEã /mesáo/ their(p)great aunt mEÃ /mesáos/ their(p)great aunts
mAa /masá/ their(f)mom[ma] mAA /masás/ their(f)mom[ma]s
mAá /masái/ their(f)mommy mAÁ /masáis/ their(f)mommys
mAä /masáu/ their(f)aunt mAÄ /masáus/ their(f)aunts
mAà /masáe/ their(f)mother mAÀ /masáes/ their(f)mothers
mAâ /masáa/ their(f)grandma mAÂ /masáas/ their(f)grandmas
mAã /masáo/ their(f)great aunt mAÃ /masáos/ their(f)great aunts
mOa /mosá/ their(m)mom[ma] mOA /mosás/ their(m)mom[ma]s
mOá /mosái/ their(m)mommy mOÁ /mosáis/ their(m)mommys
mOä /mosáu/ their(m)aunt mOÄ /mosáus/ their(m)aunts
mOà /mosáe/ their(m)mother mOÀ /mosáes/ their(m)mothers
mOâ /mosáa/ their(m)grandma mOÂ /mosáas/ their(m)grandmas
mOã /mosáo/ their(m)great aunt mOÃ /mosáos/ their(m)great aunts

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