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Há!!! First subject. Relatives' words are important because you use them all the time, and because the Lord's Prayer begins with "Our Father", and thus this word is very important for any conlanger when comparing conlangs.

Second subject. I'd like to ask to the people of to put my previous post (the one for "mother"), along with this one and all about the same subject, in the category "Word of the Day", please. I'm gonna change the name of the post from "Third post (mother)" to "Word of the Day: Mother" as soon as I finish this one (PD: I later on changed it agait to "WOTD: Mother et al.").

Third subject. You'll have noticed that "our father" is "dià", pronounced /diáe/ (between Aug 29th and Sep 1st it was "dãI", pronounced /dáeyis/, so it was a good improvement). So, now you have the first word of the Lord's Prayer in the conlang al. Enjoy the 2nd part of the table. Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of the conlang Al /ál/

da /dá/ [the] dad/papa dA /dás/ [the] dad/papas
/dái/ [the] daddy /dáis/ [the] daddies
/dáu/ [the] uncle /dáus/ [the] uncles
/dáe/ [the] father /dáes/ [the] fathers
/dáa/ [the] grandpa /dáas/ [the] grandpas
/dáo/ [the] great uncle /dáos/ [the] great uncles
dia /diá/ my/our dad/papa diA /diás/ my/our dad/papas
diá /diái/ my/our daddy diÁ /diáis/ my/our daddies
diä /diáu/ my/our uncle diÄ /diáus/ my/our uncles
dià /diáe/ my/our father diÀ /diáes/ my/our fathers
diâ /diáa/ my/our grandpa di /diáas/ my/our grandpas
diã /diáo/ my/our great uncle dià /diáos/ my/our great uncles
dua /duá/ your dad/papa duA /duás/ your dad/papas
duá /duái/ your daddy duÁ /duáis/ your daddies
duä /duáu/ your uncle duÄ /duáus/ your uncles
duà /duáe/ your father duÀ /duáes/ your fathers
duâ /duáa/ your grandpa du /duáas/ your grandpas
duã /duáo/ your great uncle duà /duáos/ your great uncles
dea /deá/ their dad/papa deA /deás/ their dad/papas
deá /deái/ their daddy deÁ /deáis/ their daddies
deä /deáu/ their uncle deÄ /deáus/ their uncles
deà /deáe/ their father deÀ /deáes/ their fathers
deâ /deáa/ their grandpa de /deáas/ their grandpas
deã /deáo/ their great uncle deà /deáos/ their great uncles
daa /daá/ her/FP dad/papa daA /daás/ her/FP dad/papas
daá /daái/ her/FP daddy daÁ /daáis/ her/FP daddies
daä /daáu/ her/FP uncle daÄ /daáus/ her/FP uncles
daà /daáe/ her/FP father daÀ /daáes/ her/FP fathers
daâ /daáa/ her/FP grandpa da /daáas/ her/FP grandpas
daã /daáo/ her/FP great uncle daà /daáos/ her/FP great uncles
doa /doá/ his/MP dad/papa doA /doás/ his/MP dad/papas
doá /doái/ his/MP daddy doÁ /doáis/ his/MP daddies
doä /doáu/ his/MP uncle doÄ /doáus/ his/MP uncles
doà /doáe/ his/MP father doÀ /doáes/ his/MP fathers
doâ /doáa/ his/MP grandpa do /doáas/ his/MP grandpas
doã /doáo/ his/MP great uncle doà /doáos/ his/MP great uncles
dIa /disá/ our dad/papa dIA /disás/ our dad/papas
dIá /disái/ our daddy dIÁ /disáis/ our daddies
dIä /disáu/ our uncle dIÄ /disáus/ our uncles
dIà /disáe/ our father dIÀ /disáes/ our fathers
dIâ /disáa/ our grandpa dIÂ /disáas/ our grandpas
dIã /disáo/ our great uncle dIÃ /disáos/ our great uncles
dUa /dusá/ your(p)dad/papa dUA /dusás/ your(p)dad/papas
dUá /dusái/ your(p)daddy dUÁ /dusáis/ your(p)daddies
dUä /dusáu/ your(p)uncle dUÄ /dusáus/ your(p)uncles
dUà /dusáe/ your(p)father dUÀ /dusáes/ your(p)fathers
dUâ /dusáa/ your(p)grandpa dUÂ /dusáas/ your(p)grandpas
dUã /dusáo/ your(p)great uncle dUÃ /dusáos/ your(p)great uncles
dEa /desá/ their(p)dad/papa dEA /desás/ their(p)dad/papas
dEá /desái/ their(p)daddy dEÁ /desáis/ their(p)daddies
dEä /desáu/ their(p)uncle dEÄ /desáus/ their(p)uncles
dEà /desáe/ their(p)father dEÀ /desáes/ their(p)fathers
dEâ /desáa/ their(p)grandpa dEÂ /desáas/ their(p)grandpas
dEã /desáo/ their(p)great uncle dEÃ /desáos/ their(p)great uncles
dAa /dasá/ their(f)dad/papa dAA /dasás/ their(f)dad/papas
dAá /dasái/ their(f)daddy dAÁ /dasáis/ their(f)daddies
dAä /dasáu/ their(f)uncle dAÄ /dasáus/ their(f)uncles
dAà /dasáe/ their(f)father dAÀ /dasáes/ their(f)fathers
dAâ /dasáa/ their(f)grandpa dAÂ /dasáas/ their(f)grandpas
dAã /dasáo/ their(f)great uncle dAÃ /dasáos/ their(f)great uncles
dOa /dosá/ their(m)dad/papa dOA /dosás/ their(m)dad/papas
dOá /dosái/ their(m)daddy dOÁ /dosáis/ their(m)daddies
dOä /dosáu/ their(m)uncle dOÄ /dosáus/ their(m)uncles
dOà /dosáe/ their(m)father dOÀ /dosáes/ their(m)fathers
dOâ /dosáa/ their(m)grandpa dOÂ /dosáas/ their(m)grandpas
dOã /dosáo/ their(m)great uncle dOÃ /dosáos/ their(m)great uncles

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