martes, 30 de agosto de 2016


Há!!! Today we're gonna see a case where the language can come to help people. We're gonna see a way of calling a parent in a formal, familiar and very familiar situation, when it isn't a mother nor a father, be it a transgender, a partner of a biological parent, or a tutor. We know our natural languages are straight, in fact, they're homophobic. Thus, this is an advance in linguistics. And we know also that our natural languages were made for marriage. Thus, a tutor or a so called "partner" would never love somebody's children, unlike what happens today. One more time, language come to save the gap between adults and children. I hope (like Mr Esperanto) this language help people to be closer and closer over time. Enjoy it!!! Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of the conlang Al /ál/

pa /pá/ [the] parent(fmr) pA /pás/ [the] parents(fmr)
/pái/ [the] parent(vfr) /páis/ [the] parents(vfr)
/páu/ [the] uncle(gen) /páus/ [the] uncles(gen)
/páe/ [the] parent(fml) /páes/ [the] parents(fml)
/páa/ [the] grandparent /páas/ [the] grandparents
/páo/ [the] great uncle /páos/ [the] great uncles
pia /piá/ my/our parent(fmr) piA /piás/ my/our parents(fmr)
piá /piái/ my/our parent(vfr) piÁ /piáis/ my/our parents(vfr)
piä /piáu/ my/our uncle(gen) piÄ /piáus/ my/our uncles(gen)
pià /piáe/ my/our parent(fml) piÀ /piáes/ my/our parents(fml)
piâ /piáa/ my/our grandparent pi /piáas/ my/our grandparents
piã /piáo/ my/our great uncle pià /piáos/ my/our great uncles
pua /puá/ your parent(fmr) puA /puás/ your parents(fmr)
puá /puái/ your parent(vfr) puÁ /puáis/ your parents(vfr)
puä /puáu/ your uncle(gen) puÄ /puáus/ your uncles(gen)
puà /puáe/ your parent(fml) puÀ /puáes/ your parents(fml)
puâ /puáa/ your grandparent pu /puáas/ your grandparents
puã /puáo/ your great uncle puà /puáos/ your great uncles
pea /peá/ their parent(fmr) peA /peás/ their parents(fmr)
peá /peái/ their parent(vfr) peÁ /peáis/ their parents(vfr)
peä /peáu/ their uncle(gen) peÄ /peáus/ their uncles(gen)
peà /peáe/ their parent(fml) peÀ /peáes/ their parents(fml)
peâ /peáa/ their grandparent pe /peáas/ their grandparents
peã /peáo/ their great uncle peà /peáos/ their great uncles
paa /paá/ her/FP parent(fmr) paA /paás/ her/FP parents(fmr)
paá /paái/ her/FP parent(vfr) paÁ /paáis/ her/FP parents(vfr)
paä /paáu/ her/FP uncle(gen) paÄ /paáus/ her/FP uncles(gen)
paà /paáe/ her/FP parent(fml) paÀ /paáes/ her/FP parents(fml)
paâ /paáa/ her/FP grandparent pa /paáas/ her/FP grandparents
paã /paáo/ her/FP great uncle paà /paáos/ her/FP great uncles
poa /poá/ his/MP parent(fmr) poA /poás/ his/MP parents(fmr)
poá /poái/ his/MP parent(vfr) poÁ /poáis/ his/MP parents(vfr)
poä /poáu/ his/MP uncle(gen) poÄ /poáus/ his/MP uncles(gen)
poà /poáe/ his/MP parent(fml) poÀ /poáes/ his/MP parents(fml)
poâ /poáa/ his/MP grandparent po /poáas/ his/MP grandparents
poã /poáo/ his/MP great uncle poà /poáos/ his/MP great uncles
pIa /pisá/ our parent(fmr) pIA /pisás/ our parents(fmr)
pIá /pisái/ our parent(vfr) pIÁ /pisáis/ our parents(vfr)
pIä /pisáu/ our uncle(gen) pIÄ /pisáus/ our uncles(gen)
pIà /pisáe/ our parent(fml) pIÀ /pisáes/ our parents(fml)
pIâ /pisáa/ our grandparent pIÂ /pisáas/ our grandparents
pIã /pisáo/ our great uncle pIÃ /pisáos/ our great uncles
pUa /pusá/ your(p)parent(fmr) pUA /pusás/ your(p)parents(fmr)
pUá /pusái/ your(p)parent(vfr) pUÁ /pusáis/ your(p)parents(vfr)
pUä /pusáu/ your(p)uncle(gen) pUÄ /pusáus/ your(p)uncles(gen)
pUà /pusáe/ your(p)parent(fml) pUÀ /pusáes/ your(p)parents(fml)
pUâ /pusáa/ your(p)grandparent pUÂ /pusáas/ your(p)grandparents
pUã /pusáo/ your(p)great uncle pUÃ /pusáos/ your(p)great uncles
pEa /pesá/ their(p)parent(fmr) pEA /pesás/ their(p)parents(fmr)
pEá /pesái/ their(p)parent(vfr) pEÁ /pesáis/ their(p)parents(vfr)
pEä /pesáu/ their(p)uncle(gen) pEÄ /pesáus/ their(p)uncles(gen)
pEà /pesáe/ their(p)parent(fml) pEÀ /pesáes/ their(p)parents(fml)
pEâ /pesáa/ their(p)grandparent pEÂ /pesáas/ their(p)grandparents
pEã /pesáo/ their(p)great uncle pEÃ /pesáos/ their(p)great uncles
pAa /pasá/ their(f)parent(fmr) pAA /pasás/ their(f)parents(fmr)
pAá /pasái/ their(f)parent(vfr) pAÁ /pasáis/ their(f)parents(vfr)
pAä /pasáu/ their(f)uncle(gen) pAÄ /pasáus/ their(f)uncles(gen)
pAà /pasáe/ their(f)parent(fml) pAÀ /pasáes/ their(f)parents(fml)
pAâ /pasáa/ their(f)grandparent pAÂ /pasáas/ their(f)grandparents
pAã /pasáo/ their(f)great uncle pAÃ /pasáos/ their(f)great uncles
pOa /posá/ their(m)parent(fmr) pOA /posás/ their(m)parents(fmr)
pOá /posái/ their(m)parent(vfr) pOÁ /posáis/ their(m)parents(vfr)
pOä /posáu/ their(m)uncle(gen) pOÄ /posáus/ their(m)uncles(gen)
pOà /posáe/ their(m)parent(fml) pOÀ /posáes/ their(m)parents(fml)
pOâ /posáa/ their(m)grandparent pOÂ /posáas/ their(m)grandparents
pOã /posáo/ their(m)great uncle pOÃ /posáos/ their(m)great uncles

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