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Hi! I have a name, I have a nickname, and I have a pseudonym, but as a conlanger I'd like to be known as Ál, with accute accent, which is pronounced /áil/ in the language I created, Al, which is pronounced /ál/. I was born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina, and although I speak English fluently, I'm not an expert, so please forgive any mistake. Said that, let's go to the language.

The name Al, along with the word "al", mean the same thing: "Our Language". As you'd have divine, the "A" is for "Our" and the "L" is for "Language". And my pseudonym, Ál, pronounced /áil/, along with the word "ál", with accute accent ( ´ ), mean both the same thing too: "One Who Speaks Our Language".

I started creating this language about ten years ago, as a hobby, when I didn't have any idea of how big the conlang movement was or will be. That's why I spended most of these years doing nothing but spinning around unsubstantious matters.

Until the arrival of Twitter. As a Spanish writing person, I'm familiar with the invariable frustration of been always short of space with nothing more than 140 characters. I felt happy every time I had to write a tweet in English, since I was plenty of space with that language. Then, one day, I decided to create a language even briever than English, and the name of such language was going to be "La", honoring the premise of brevity. Later on, I became a fan of the letter A, and thus the name of the language mutate onto "Al".

The meaning of the name "La" was simply "Language" or "A Language". But then one day I watch the movie Hero, and when the warrior writes two chinese characters (Tiānxià) meaning "Our Land", I fancy my language to be able to say "Our Language" in one only word of two characters too; hence, from that day on, the "L" became "Language" and the "A" became "Our". And when I became fan of the letter A, it was just a matter of switching places.

I spended another lot of years with pronouns and numbers, instead of enlarging my language's vocabulary. Once, about three or four years ago, I was able of creating a little vocabulary with words containing a long I: "L" /lái/ for "life", "T" /tái/ for "time", and so on. But that idea didn't flourish. I got stuck with the whim of making that a phrase like "I know you love me" was as brief as "Núm", pronounced /niúim/. In fact, I still want that to happen, but I find out how to get free of that quagmire.

I'm gonna finish this first post and I'm gonna send this blog's address to lcs@conlang.org, as http://aggregator.conlang.org/?page_id=2 said. I really want to see this blog entry on http://aggregator.conlang.org/ because when I see that, I'll know other people will know about my language; otherwise, I fear nobody will ever notice about anything regarding my language.If they don't aggregate me soon, I'm gonna make another post with more data about my language, in the hope for them to aggregate me as soon as possible. Bye!!! Ál

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