lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2016


Há!!! Today I bring you the 9th and last part of the spreadsheet I made 8 days ago. I think most of you must be wondering why I use this way of presenting my language, and most of you must be answering that it must be because I know nothing about cases. I had 4 years of Latin and 2 years of Greek in high school, and I use to explain cases to my classmates and to my students when I did particular classes for a living. I know perfectly what a case is and how to use it. But I'm also a computers programmer, and I know nobody understands anything about programming because its level of complexity and abstraction, and I don't want my language to be an obscure object of reflexion by linguists, but a new popular language like Esperanto. That is why I don't use cases in my explanations of this language, and I prefer to use spreadsheets, which by te way allow me to see how certain phrases and collocations sound in my conlang. Said that, here's part 9th. Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of conlang Al /ál/

pe /pé/ [the] sibling(fmr) pE /pés/ [the] siblings(fmr)
/péi/ [the] sibling(vfr) /péis/ [the] siblings(vfr)
/péu/ [the] cousin(gen) /péus/ [the] cousins(gen)
/pée/ [the] sibling(fml) /pées/ [the] siblings(fml)
/péa/ [the] half sibling /péas/ [the] half siblings
py /péo/ [the] h.cousin(g) pY /péos/ [the] h.cousins(g)
pie /pié/ my/our sibling(fmr) piE /piés/ my/our siblings(fmr)
pié /piéi/ my/our sibling(vfr) piÉ /piéis/ my/our siblings(vfr)
pië /piéu/ my/our cousin(gen) piË /piéus/ my/our cousins(gen)
piè /piée/ my/our sibling(fml) piÈ /piées/ my/our siblings(fml)
piê /piéa/ my/our half sibling piÊ /piéas/ my/our half siblings
piy /piéo/ my/our h.cousin(g) piY /piéos/ my/our h.cousins(g)
pue /pué/ your sibling(fmr) puE /pués/ your siblings(fmr)
pué /puéi/ your sibling(vfr) puÉ /puéis/ your siblings(vfr)
puë /puéu/ your cousin(gen) puË /puéus/ your cousins(gen)
puè /puée/ your sibling(fml) puÈ /puées/ your siblings(fml)
puê /puéa/ your half sibling puÊ /puéas/ your half siblings
puy /puéo/ your h.cousin(g) puY /puéos/ your h.cousins(g)
pee /peé/ their sibling(fmr) peE /peés/ their siblings(fmr)
peé /peéi/ their sibling(vfr) peÉ /peéis/ their siblings(vfr)
peë /peéu/ their cousin(gen) peË /peéus/ their cousins(gen)
peè /peée/ their sibling(fml) peÈ /peées/ their siblings(fml)
peê /peéa/ their half sibling peÊ /peéas/ their half siblings
pey /peéo/ their h.cousin(g) peY /peéos/ their h.cousins(g)
pae /paé/ her/FP sibling(fmr) paE /paés/ her/FP siblings(fmr)
paé /paéi/ her/FP sibling(vfr) paÉ /paéis/ her/FP siblings(vfr)
paë /paéu/ her/FP cousin(gen) paË /paéus/ her/FP cousins(gen)
paè /paée/ her/FP sibling(fml) paÈ /paées/ her/FP siblings(fml)
paê /paéa/ her/FP half sibling paÊ /paéas/ her/FP half siblings
pay /paéo/ her/FP h.cousin(g) paY /paéos/ her/FP h.cousins(g)
poe /poé/ his/MP sibling(fmr) poE /poés/ his/MP siblings(fmr)
poé /poéi/ his/MP sibling(vfr) poÉ /poéis/ his/MP siblings(vfr)
poë /poéu/ his/MP cousin(gen) poË /poéus/ his/MP cousins(gen)
poè /poée/ his/MP sibling(fml) poÈ /poées/ his/MP siblings(fml)
poê /poéa/ his/MP half sibling poÊ /poéas/ his/MP half siblings
poy /poéo/ his/MP h.cousin(g) poY /poéos/ his/MP h.cousins(g)
pIe /pisé/ our sibling(fmr) pIE /pisés/ our siblings(fmr)
pIé /piséi/ our sibling(vfr) pIÉ /piséis/ our siblings(vfr)
pIë /piséu/ our cousin(gen) pIË /piséus/ our cousins(gen)
pIè /pisée/ our sibling(fml) pIÈ /pisées/ our siblings(fml)
pIê /piséa/ our half sibling pIÊ /piséas/ our half siblings
pIy /piséo/ our h.cousin(g) pIY /piséos/ our h.cousins(g)
pUe /pusé/ your(p)sibling(fmr) pUE /pusés/ your(p)siblings(fmr)
pUé /puséi/ your(p)sibling(vfr) pUÉ /puséis/ your(p)siblings(vfr)
pUë /puséu/ your(p)cousin(gen) pUË /puséus/ your(p)cousins(gen)
pUè /pusée/ your(p)sibling(fml) pUÈ /pusées/ your(p)siblings(fml)
pUê /puséa/ your(p)half sibling pUÊ /puséas/ your(p)half siblings
pUy /puséo/ your(p)h.cousin(g) pUY /puséos/ your(p)h.cousins(g)
pEe /pesé/ their(p)sibling(fmr) pEE /pesés/ their(p)siblings(fmr)
pEé /peséi/ their(p)sibling(vfr) pEÉ /peséis/ their(p)siblings(vfr)
pEë /peséu/ their(p)cousin(gen) pEË /peséus/ their(p)cousins(gen)
pEè /pesée/ their(p)sibling(fml) pEÈ /pesées/ their(p)siblings(fml)
pEê /peséa/ their(p)half sibling pEÊ /peséas/ their(p)half siblings
pEy /peséo/ their(p)h.cousin(g) pEY /peséos/ their(p)h.cousins(g)
pAe /pasé/ their(f)sibling(fmr) pAE /pasés/ their(f)siblings(fmr)
pAé /paséi/ their(f)sibling(vfr) pAÉ /paséis/ their(f)siblings(vfr)
pAë /paséu/ their(f)cousin(gen) pAË /paséus/ their(f)cousins(gen)
pAè /pasée/ their(f)sibling(fml) pAÈ /pasées/ their(f)siblings(fml)
pAê /paséa/ their(f)half sibling pAÊ /paséas/ their(f)half siblings
pAy /paséo/ their(f)h.cousin(g) pAY /paséos/ their(f)h.cousins(g)
pOe /posé/ their(m)sibling(fmr) pOE /posés/ their(m)siblings(fmr)
pOé /poséi/ their(m)sibling(vfr) pOÉ /poséis/ their(m)siblings(vfr)
pOë /poséu/ their(m)cousin(gen) pOË /poséus/ their(m)cousins(gen)
pOè /posée/ their(m)sibling(fml) pOÈ /posées/ their(m)siblings(fml)
pOê /poséa/ their(m)half sibling pOÊ /poséas/ their(m)half siblings
pOy /poséo/ their(m)h.cousin(g) pOY /poséos/ their(m)h.cousins(g)

domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2016


Há!!! Few people visited my last post, and nobody commented. I suspect nobody is reading this posts since already everybody knows the mechanics. Because of that, today I'm just gonna bring part 8th. Enjoy it!!! Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of conlang Al /ál/

de /dé/ [the] bro dE /dés/ [the] bros
/déi/ [the] brody /déis/ [the] brodies
/déu/ [the] male cousin /déus/ [the] male cousins
/dée/ [the] brother /dées/ [the] brothers
/déa/ [the] half brother /déas/ [the] half brothers
dy /déo/ [the] h.m.cousin dY /déos/ [the] h.m.cousins
die /dié/ my/our bro diE /diés/ my/our bros
dié /diéi/ my/our brody diÉ /diéis/ my/our brodies
dië /diéu/ my/our male cousin diË /diéus/ my/our male cousins
diè /diée/ my/our brother diÈ /diées/ my/our brothers
diê /diéa/ my/our half brother diÊ /diéas/ my/our half brothers
diy /diéo/ my/our h.m.cousin diY /diéos/ my/our h.m.cousins
due /dué/ your bro duE /dués/ your bros
dué /duéi/ your brody duÉ /duéis/ your brodies
duë /duéu/ your male cousin duË /duéus/ your male cousins
duè /duée/ your brother duÈ /duées/ your brothers
duê /duéa/ your half brother duÊ /duéas/ your half brothers
duy /duéo/ your h.m.cousin duY /duéos/ your h.m.cousins
dee /deé/ their bro deE /deés/ their bros
deé /deéi/ their brody deÉ /deéis/ their brodies
deë /deéu/ their male cousin deË /deéus/ their male cousins
deè /deée/ their brother deÈ /deées/ their brothers
deê /deéa/ their half brother deÊ /deéas/ their half brothers
dey /deéo/ their h.m.cousin deY /deéos/ their h.m.cousins
dae /daé/ her/FP bro daE /daés/ her/FP bros
daé /daéi/ her/FP brody daÉ /daéis/ her/FP brodies
daë /daéu/ her/FP male cousin daË /daéus/ her/FP male cousins
daè /daée/ her/FP brother daÈ /daées/ her/FP brothers
daê /daéa/ her/FP half brother daÊ /daéas/ her/FP half brothers
day /daéo/ her/FP h.m.cousin daY /daéos/ her/FP h.m.cousins
doe /doé/ his/MP bro doE /doés/ his/MP bros
doé /doéi/ his/MP brody doÉ /doéis/ his/MP brodies
doë /doéu/ his/MP male cousin doË /doéus/ his/MP male cousins
doè /doée/ his/MP brother doÈ /doées/ his/MP brothers
doê /doéa/ his/MP half brother doÊ /doéas/ his/MP half brothers
doy /doéo/ his/MP h.m.cousin doY /doéos/ his/MP h.m.cousins
dIe /disé/ our bro dIE /disés/ our bros
dIé /diséi/ our brody dIÉ /diséis/ our brodies
dIë /diséu/ our male cousin dIË /diséus/ our male cousins
dIè /disée/ our brother dIÈ /disées/ our brothers
dIê /diséa/ our half brother dIÊ /diséas/ our half brothers
dIy /diséo/ our h.m.cousin dIY /diséos/ our h.m.cousins
dUe /dusé/ your(p)bro dUE /dusés/ your(p)bros
dUé /duséi/ your(p)brody dUÉ /duséis/ your(p)brodies
dUë /duséu/ your(p)male cousin dUË /duséus/ your(p)male cousins
dUè /dusée/ your(p)brother dUÈ /dusées/ your(p)brothers
dUê /duséa/ your(p)half brother dUÊ /duséas/ your(p)half brothers
dUy /duséo/ your(p)h.m.cousin dUY /duséos/ your(p)h.m.cousins
dEe /desé/ their(p)bro dEE /desés/ their(p)bros
dEé /deséi/ their(p)brody dEÉ /deséis/ their(p)brodies
dEë /deséu/ their(p)male cousin dEË /deséus/ their(p)male cousins
dEè /desée/ their(p)brother dEÈ /desées/ their(p)brothers
dEê /deséa/ their(p)half brother dEÊ /deséas/ their(p)half brothers
dEy /deséo/ their(p)h.m.cousin dEY /deséos/ their(p)h.m.cousins
dAe /dasé/ their(f)bro dAE /dasés/ their(f)bros
dAé /daséi/ their(f)brody dAÉ /daséis/ their(f)brodies
dAë /daséu/ their(f)male cousin dAË /daséus/ their(f)male cousins
dAè /dasée/ their(f)brother dAÈ /dasées/ their(f)brothers
dAê /daséa/ their(f)half brother dAÊ /daséas/ their(f)half brothers
dAy /daséo/ their(f)h.m.cousin dAY /daséos/ their(f)h.m.cousins
dOe /dosé/ their(m)bro dOE /dosés/ their(m)bros
dOé /doséi/ their(m)brody dOÉ /doséis/ their(m)brodies
dOë /doséu/ their(m)male cousin dOË /doséus/ their(m)male cousins
dOè /dosée/ their(m)brother dOÈ /dosées/ their(m)brothers
dOê /doséa/ their(m)half brother dOÊ /doséas/ their(m)half brothers
dOy /doséo/ their(m)h.m.cousin dOY /doséos/ their(m)h.m.cousins

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2016


Há!!! Well, you know the dynamics: M for women, D for men, P for both or anything else, A for ancestors, O for descendants, and E for coetaneous. I'd like to ask you to comment if you'd like other consonants or other vowels. Please, your feed back is important. I'm looking at my posts table, and I see the mean of visits per post is about 50, ¡¡¡only 50 people in the hole world!!! So please comment, your opinion is very important. Thank you. And now, enjoy part 7th. Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of conlang Al /ál/

me /mé/ [the] sis mE /més/ [the] sisses
/méi/ [the] sissy /méis/ [the] sissies
/méu/ [the] f.cousin /méus/ [the] f.cousins
/mée/ [the] sister /mées/ [the] sisters
/méa/ [the] half sister /méas/ [the] half sisters
my /méo/ [the] h.f.cousin mY /méos/ [the] h.f.cousins
mie /mié/ my/our sis miE /miés/ my/our sisses
mié /miéi/ my/our sissy miÉ /miéis/ my/our sissies
mië /miéu/ my/our f.cousin miË /miéus/ my/our f.cousins
miè /miée/ my/our sister miÈ /miées/ my/our sisters
miê /miéa/ my/our half sister miÊ /miéas/ my/our half sisters
miy /miéo/ my/our h.f.cousin miY /miéos/ my/our h.f.cousins
mue /mué/ your sis muE /mués/ your sisses
mué /muéi/ your sissy muÉ /muéis/ your sissies
muë /muéu/ your f.cousin muË /muéus/ your f.cousins
muè /muée/ your sister muÈ /muées/ your sisters
muê /muéa/ your half sister muÊ /muéas/ your half sisters
muy /muéo/ your h.f.cousin muY /muéos/ your h.f.cousins
mee /meé/ their sis meE /meés/ their sisses
meé /meéi/ their sissy meÉ /meéis/ their sissies
meë /meéu/ their f.cousin meË /meéus/ their f.cousins
meè /meée/ their sister meÈ /meées/ their sisters
meê /meéa/ their half sister meÊ /meéas/ their half sisters
mey /meéo/ their h.f.cousin meY /meéos/ their h.f.cousins
mae /maé/ her/FP sis maE /maés/ her/FP sisses
maé /maéi/ her/FP sissy maÉ /maéis/ her/FP sissies
maë /maéu/ her/FP f.cousin maË /maéus/ her/FP f.cousins
maè /maée/ her/FP sister maÈ /maées/ her/FP sisters
maê /maéa/ her/FP half sister maÊ /maéas/ her/FP half sisters
may /maéo/ her/FP h.f.cousin maY /maéos/ her/FP h.f.cousins
moe /moé/ his/MP sis moE /moés/ his/MP sisses
moé /moéi/ his/MP sissy moÉ /moéis/ his/MP sissies
moë /moéu/ his/MP f.cousin moË /moéus/ his/MP f.cousins
moè /moée/ his/MP sister moÈ /moées/ his/MP sisters
moê /moéa/ his/MP half sister moÊ /moéas/ his/MP half sisters
moy /moéo/ his/MP h.f.cousin moY /moéos/ his/MP h.f.cousins
mIe /misé/ our sis mIE /misés/ our sisses
mIé /miséi/ our sissy mIÉ /miséis/ our sissies
mIë /miséu/ our f.cousin mIË /miséus/ our f.cousins
mIè /misée/ our sister mIÈ /misées/ our sisters
mIê /miséa/ our half sister mIÊ /miséas/ our half sisters
mIy /miséo/ our h.f.cousin mIY /miséos/ our h.f.cousins
mUe /musé/ your(p)sis mUE /musés/ your(p)sisses
mUé /muséi/ your(p)sissy mUÉ /muséis/ your(p)sissies
mUë /muséu/ your(p)f.cousin mUË /muséus/ your(p)f.cousins
mUè /musée/ your(p)sister mUÈ /musées/ your(p)sisters
mUê /muséa/ your(p)half sister mUÊ /muséas/ your(p)half sisters
mUy /muséo/ your(p)h.f.cousin mUY /muséos/ your(p)h.f.cousins
mEe /mesé/ their(p)sis mEE /mesés/ their(p)sisses
mEé /meséi/ their(p)sissy mEÉ /meséis/ their(p)sissies
mEë /meséu/ their(p)f.cousin mEË /meséus/ their(p)f.cousins
mEè /mesée/ their(p)sister mEÈ /mesées/ their(p)sisters
mEê /meséa/ their(p)half sister mEÊ /meséas/ their(p)half sisters
mEy /meséo/ their(p)h.f.cousin mEY /meséos/ their(p)h.f.cousins
mAe /masé/ their(f)sis mAE /masés/ their(f)sisses
mAé /maséi/ their(f)sissy mAÉ /maséis/ their(f)sissies
mAë /maséu/ their(f)f.cousin mAË /maséus/ their(f)f.cousins
mAè /masée/ their(f)sister mAÈ /masées/ their(f)sisters
mAê /maséa/ their(f)half sister mAÊ /maséas/ their(f)half sisters
mAy /maséo/ their(f)h.f.cousin mAY /maséos/ their(f)h.f.cousins
mOe /mosé/ their(m)sis mOE /mosés/ their(m)sisses
mOé /moséi/ their(m)sissy mOÉ /moséis/ their(m)sissies
mOë /moséu/ their(m)f.cousin mOË /moséus/ their(m)f.cousins
mOè /mosée/ their(m)sister mOÈ /mosées/ their(m)sisters
mOê /moséa/ their(m)half sister mOÊ /moséas/ their(m)half sisters
mOy /moséo/ their(m)h.f.cousin mOY /moséos/ their(m)h.f.cousins

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016


Há!!! Today we're gonna see the words "child", "nephew", and their plurals. The four words are in a generic gender, meaning no difference between male and female, thing implied in the case of "nephews" in English, but manifest in Al. And in the case of "child" and "children", in English this words don't imply kinship, unlike Al, where they does imply necessarily kinship, as in Spanish "hijo/a/os/as". Later on, we're gonna see a way in Al to talk about "children" although not related by blood, but not today. Now, enjoy the 6th part. Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of conlang Al /ál/

po /pó/ [the] child(famlr) pO /pós/ [the] children(famlr)
/pói/ [the] child(vfamr) /póis/ [the] children(vfamr)
/póu/ [the] nephew(gen) /póus/ [the] nephews(gen)
/póe/ [the] child(formal) /póes/ [the] children(formal)
/póa/ [the] grandchild /póas/ [the] grandchildren
/póo/ [the] g.nephew(g) /póos/ [the] g.nephews(g)
pio /pió/ my/our child(famlr) piO /piós/ my/our children(famlr)
pió /piói/ my/our child(vfamr) piÓ /pióis/ my/our children(vfamr)
piö /pióu/ my/our nephew(gen) piÖ /pióus/ my/our nephews(gen)
piò /pióe/ my/our child(formal) piÒ /pióes/ my/our children(formal)
piô /pióa/ my/our grandchild piÔ /pióas/ my/our grandchildren
piõ /pióo/ my/our g.nephew(g) piÕ /pióos/ my/our g.nephews(g)
puo /puó/ your child(famlr) puO /puós/ your children(famlr)
puó /puói/ your child(vfamr) puÓ /puóis/ your children(vfamr)
puö /puóu/ your nephew(gen) puÖ /puóus/ your nephews(gen)
può /puóe/ your child(formal) puÒ /puóes/ your children(formal)
puô /puóa/ your grandchild puÔ /puóas/ your grandchildren
puõ /puóo/ your g.nephew(g) puÕ /puóos/ your g.nephews(g)
peo /peó/ their child(famlr) peO /peós/ their children(famlr)
peó /peói/ their child(vfamr) peÓ /peóis/ their children(vfamr)
peö /peóu/ their nephew(gen) peÖ /peóus/ their nephews(gen)
peò /peóe/ their child(formal) peÒ /peóes/ their children(formal)
peô /peóa/ their grandchild peÔ /peóas/ their grandchildren
peõ /peóo/ their g.nephew(g) peÕ /peóos/ their g.nephews(g)
pao /paó/ her/FP child(famlr) paO /paós/ her/FP children(famlr)
paó /paói/ her/FP child(vfamr) paÓ /paóis/ her/FP children(vfamr)
paö /paóu/ her/FP nephew(gen) paÖ /paóus/ her/FP nephews(gen)
paò /paóe/ her/FP child(formal) paÒ /paóes/ her/FP children(formal)
paô /paóa/ her/FP grandchild paÔ /paóas/ her/FP grandchildren
paõ /paóo/ her/FP g.nephew(g) paÕ /paóos/ her/FP g.nephews(g)
poo /poó/ his/MP child(famlr) poO /poós/ his/MP children(famlr)
poó /poói/ his/MP child(vfamr) poÓ /poóis/ his/MP children(vfamr)
poö /poóu/ his/MP nephew(gen) poÖ /poóus/ his/MP nephews(gen)
poò /poóe/ his/MP child(formal) poÒ /poóes/ his/MP children(formal)
poô /poóa/ his/MP grandchild poÔ /poóas/ his/MP grandchildren
poõ /poóo/ his/MP g.nephew(g) poÕ /poóos/ his/MP g.nephews(g)
pIo /pisó/ our child(famlr) pIO /pisós/ our children(famlr)
pIó /pisói/ our child(vfamr) pIÓ /pisóis/ our children(vfamr)
pIö /pisóu/ our nephew(gen) pIÖ /pisóus/ our nephews(gen)
pIò /pisóe/ our child(formal) pIÒ /pisóes/ our children(formal)
pIô /pisóa/ our grandchild pIÔ /pisóas/ our grandchildren
pIõ /pisóo/ our g.nephew(g) pIÕ /pisóos/ our g.nephews(g)
pUo /pusó/ your(p)child(famlr) pUO /pusós/ your(p)children(famlr)
pUó /pusói/ your(p)child(vfamr) pUÓ /pusóis/ your(p)children(vfamr)
pUö /pusóu/ your(p)nephew(gen) pUÖ /pusóus/ your(p)nephews(gen)
pUò /pusóe/ your(p)child(formal) pUÒ /pusóes/ your(p)children(formal)
pUô /pusóa/ your(p)grandchild pUÔ /pusóas/ your(p)grandchildren
pUõ /pusóo/ your(p)g.nephew(g) pUÕ /pusóos/ your(p)g.nephews(g)
pEo /pesó/ their(p)child(famlr) pEO /pesós/ their(p)children(famlr)
pEó /pesói/ their(p)child(vfamr) pEÓ /pesóis/ their(p)children(vfamr)
pEö /pesóu/ their(p)nephew(gen) pEÖ /pesóus/ their(p)nephews(gen)
pEò /pesóe/ their(p)child(formal) pEÒ /pesóes/ their(p)children(formal)
pEô /pesóa/ their(p)grandchild pEÔ /pesóas/ their(p)grandchildren
pEõ /pesóo/ their(p)g.nephew(g) pEÕ /pesóos/ their(p)g.nephews(g)
pAo /pasó/ their(f)child(famlr) pAO /pasós/ their(f)children(famlr)
pAó /pasói/ their(f)child(vfamr) pAÓ /pasóis/ their(f)children(vfamr)
pAö /pasóu/ their(f)nephew(gen) pAÖ /pasóus/ their(f)nephews(gen)
pAò /pasóe/ their(f)child(formal) pAÒ /pasóes/ their(f)children(formal)
pAô /pasóa/ their(f)grandchild pAÔ /pasóas/ their(f)grandchildren
pAõ /pasóo/ their(f)g.nephew(g) pAÕ /pasóos/ their(f)g.nephews(g)
pOo /posó/ their(m)child(famlr) pOO /posós/ their(m)children(famlr)
pOó /posói/ their(m)child(vfamr) pOÓ /posóis/ their(m)children(vfamr)
pOö /posóu/ their(m)nephew(gen) pOÖ /posóus/ their(m)nephews(gen)
pOò /posóe/ their(m)child(formal) pOÒ /posóes/ their(m)children(formal)
pOô /posóa/ their(m)grandchild pOÔ /posóas/ their(m)grandchildren
pOõ /posóo/ their(m)g.nephew(g) pOÕ /posóos/ their(m)g.nephews(g)

jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016


Há!!! For those who took a look at the previous 4 parts, you'll notice that where it said "mãi /máeyi/ my mother", now it says "mià /miáe/ my/our mother". It doesn't mean I made a huge change just when I was showing my work to the world, it means I took back with a lot of changes that I've been mading because I'm not happy with the results. What I wanted was for the consonant which carries the meaning (M,D,P) to be stuck with the vowel which carries the meaning (A,O,E), what requieres, for instance in the case of "mother", to never separate the M from the A. But the best way of saying "my mother" keeps on being /miá/, and the best way of writing it keeps on being "mia", so I undid all the changes (don't be surprised or scared, turnings back sometimes just happen in this job of creating a new language, and don't worry, they're not too often). I also wasn't happy with the tilde meaning the sound /e/ and the grave meaning the sound /o/, so I undid that change too. And I also wanted to change I'i' for Ýý, U'u' for Ww and E'e' for Yy, to respect the Main Principle of "To be as short as possible" (I will put a text about the Main Principles as soon as I have some done in English, because I have everything is Spanish; I tried sometimes to write my thoughts down in English, but when I'm inspired, I must write it down in Spanish, sorry...). Said all that I had to say today, now enjoy the 5th part of the spreadsheet!!! Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of conlang Al /ál/

do /dó/ [the] son(familiar) dO /dós/ [the] sons(familiar)
/dói/ [the] sonny /dóis/ [the] sonnies
/dóu/ [the] nephew /dóus/ [the] nephews
/dóe/ [the] son(formal) /dóes/ [the] sons(formal)
/dóa/ [the] grandson /dóas/ [the] grandsons
/dóo/ [the] great nephew /dóos/ [the] great nephews
dio /dió/ my/our son(familiar) diO /diós/ my/our sons(familiar)
dió /diói/ my/our sonny diÓ /dióis/ my/our sonnies
diö /dióu/ my/our nephew diÖ /dióus/ my/our nephews
diò /dióe/ my/our son(formal) diÒ /dióes/ my/our sons(formal)
diô /dióa/ my/our grandson diÔ /dióas/ my/our grandsons
diõ /dióo/ my/our great nephew diÕ /dióos/ my/our great nephews
duo /duó/ your son(familiar) duO /duós/ your sons(familiar)
duó /duói/ your sonny duÓ /duóis/ your sonnies
duö /duóu/ your nephew duÖ /duóus/ your nephews
duò /duóe/ your son(formal) duÒ /duóes/ your sons(formal)
duô /duóa/ your grandson duÔ /duóas/ your grandsons
duõ /duóo/ your great nephew duÕ /duóos/ your great nephews
deo /deó/ their son(familiar) deO /deós/ their sons(familiar)
deó /deói/ their sonny deÓ /deóis/ their sonnies
deö /deóu/ their nephew deÖ /deóus/ their nephews
deò /deóe/ their son(formal) deÒ /deóes/ their sons(formal)
deô /deóa/ their grandson deÔ /deóas/ their grandsons
deõ /deóo/ their great nephew deÕ /deóos/ their great nephews
dao /daó/ her/FP son(familiar) daO /daós/ her/FP sons(familiar)
daó /daói/ her/FP sonny daÓ /daóis/ her/FP sonnies
daö /daóu/ her/FP nephew daÖ /daóus/ her/FP nephews
daò /daóe/ her/FP son(formal) daÒ /daóes/ her/FP sons(formal)
daô /daóa/ her/FP grandson daÔ /daóas/ her/FP grandsons
daõ /daóo/ her/FP great nephew daÕ /daóos/ her/FP great nephews
doo /doó/ his/MP son(familiar) doO /doós/ his/MP sons(familiar)
doó /doói/ his/MP sonny doÓ /doóis/ his/MP sonnies
doö /doóu/ his/MP nephew doÖ /doóus/ his/MP nephews
doò /doóe/ his/MP son(formal) doÒ /doóes/ his/MP sons(formal)
doô /doóa/ his/MP grandson doÔ /doóas/ his/MP grandsons
doõ /doóo/ his/MP great nephew doÕ /doóos/ his/MP great nephews
dIo /disó/ our son(familiar) dIO /disós/ our sons(familiar)
dIó /disói/ our sonny dIÓ /disóis/ our sonnies
dIö /disóu/ our nephew dIÖ /disóus/ our nephews
dIò /disóe/ our son(formal) dIÒ /disóes/ our sons(formal)
dIô /disóa/ our grandson dIÔ /disóas/ our grandsons
dIõ /disóo/ our great nephew dIÕ /disóos/ our great nephews
dUo /dusó/ your(p)son(familiar) dUO /dusós/ your(p)sons(familiar)
dUó /dusói/ your(p)sonny dUÓ /dusóis/ your(p)sonnies
dUö /dusóu/ your(p)nephew dUÖ /dusóus/ your(p)nephews
dUò /dusóe/ your(p)son(formal) dUÒ /dusóes/ your(p)sons(formal)
dUô /dusóa/ your(p)grandson dUÔ /dusóas/ your(p)grandsons
dUõ /dusóo/ your(p)great nephew dUÕ /dusóos/ your(p)great nephews
dEo /desó/ their(p)son(familiar) dEO /desós/ their(p)sons(familiar)
dEó /desói/ their(p)sonny dEÓ /desóis/ their(p)sonnies
dEö /desóu/ their(p)nephew dEÖ /desóus/ their(p)nephews
dEò /desóe/ their(p)son(formal) dEÒ /desóes/ their(p)sons(formal)
dEô /desóa/ their(p)grandson dEÔ /desóas/ their(p)grandsons
dEõ /desóo/ their(p)great nephew dEÕ /desóos/ their(p)great nephews
dAo /dasó/ their(f)son(familiar) dAO /dasós/ their(f)sons(familiar)
dAó /dasói/ their(f)sonny dAÓ /dasóis/ their(f)sonnies
dAö /dasóu/ their(f)nephew dAÖ /dasóus/ their(f)nephews
dAò /dasóe/ their(f)son(formal) dAÒ /dasóes/ their(f)sons(formal)
dAô /dasóa/ their(f)grandson dAÔ /dasóas/ their(f)grandsons
dAõ /dasóo/ their(f)great nephew dAÕ /dasóos/ their(f)great nephews
dOo /dosó/ their(m)son(familiar) dOO /dosós/ their(m)sons(familiar)
dOó /dosói/ their(m)sonny dOÓ /dosóis/ their(m)sonnies
dOö /dosóu/ their(m)nephew dOÖ /dosóus/ their(m)nephews
dOò /dosóe/ their(m)son(formal) dOÒ /dosóes/ their(m)sons(formal)
dOô /dosóa/ their(m)grandson dOÔ /dosóas/ their(m)grandsons
dOõ /dosóo/ their(m)great nephew dOÕ /dosóos/ their(m)great nephews

miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016


Há!!! Yesterday and the day before were days of intense mental activity because there is something that is taking my sleep away: the diminutive. In English, you just use "little" or "tiny" and that's it, but in Spanish the diminutive is very important in everyday conversation. It carries a lot of meaning, since it isn't the same "mami" than "mamita" or "mamacita", and neither is the same "tiíta" when you're talking about a beloved aunt than when you're talking about a not beloved one; in the latter case, you call "tiíta" to an evil snake. Fortunely, I already have it figured out, and now I have some days left to introduce you the diminutive in Al. For now, here is the 4th part of my table, the part of the words "daughter", "niece", "granddaughter" and "great niece". Enjoy it!!! Bá!!!
Ál /áil/, creator of conlang Al /ál/

mo /mó/ [the] dau mO /mós/ [the] daus
/mói/ [the] dauty /móis/ [the] dauties
/móu/ [the] niece /móus/ [the] nieces
/móe/ [the] daughter /móes/ [the] daughters
/móa/ [the] g'daughter /móas/ [the] g'daughters
/móo/ [the] great niece /móos/ [the] great nieces
mio /mió/ my/our dau miO /miós/ my/our daus
mió /miói/ my/our dauty miÓ /mióis/ my/our dauties
miö /mióu/ my/our niece miÖ /mióus/ my/our nieces
miò /mióe/ my/our daughter miÒ /mióes/ my/our daughters
miô /mióa/ my/our g'daughter miÔ /mióas/ my/our g'daughters
miõ /mióo/ my/our great niece miÕ /mióos/ my/our great nieces
muo /muó/ your dau muO /muós/ your daus
muó /muói/ your dauty muÓ /muóis/ your dauties
muö /muóu/ your niece muÖ /muóus/ your nieces
muò /muóe/ your daughter muÒ /muóes/ your daughters
muô /muóa/ your g'daughter muÔ /muóas/ your g'daughters
muõ /muóo/ your great niece muÕ /muóos/ your great nieces
meo /meó/ their dau meO /meós/ their daus
meó /meói/ their dauty meÓ /meóis/ their dauties
meö /meóu/ their niece meÖ /meóus/ their nieces
meò /meóe/ their daughter meÒ /meóes/ their daughters
meô /meóa/ their g'daughter meÔ /meóas/ their g'daughters
meõ /meóo/ their great niece meÕ /meóos/ their great nieces
mao /maó/ her/FP dau maO /maós/ her/FP daus
maó /maói/ her/FP dauty maÓ /maóis/ her/FP dauties
maö /maóu/ her/FP niece maÖ /maóus/ her/FP nieces
maò /maóe/ her/FP daughter maÒ /maóes/ her/FP daughters
maô /maóa/ her/FP g'daughter maÔ /maóas/ her/FP g'daughters
maõ /maóo/ her/FP great niece maÕ /maóos/ her/FP great nieces
moo /moó/ his/MP dau moO /moós/ his/MP daus
moó /moói/ his/MP dauty moÓ /moóis/ his/MP dauties
moö /moóu/ his/MP niece moÖ /moóus/ his/MP nieces
moò /moóe/ his/MP daughter moÒ /moóes/ his/MP daughters
moô /moóa/ his/MP g'daughter moÔ /moóas/ his/MP g'daughters
moõ /moóo/ his/MP great niece moÕ /moóos/ his/MP great nieces
mIo /misó/ our dau mIO /misós/ our daus
mIó /misói/ our dauty mIÓ /misóis/ our dauties
mIö /misóu/ our niece mIÖ /misóus/ our nieces
mIò /misóe/ our daughter mIÒ /misóes/ our daughters
mIô /misóa/ our g'daughter mIÔ /misóas/ our g'daughters
mIõ /misóo/ our great niece mIÕ /misóos/ our great nieces
mUo /musó/ your(p)dau mUO /musós/ your(p)daus
mUó /musói/ your(p)dauty mUÓ /musóis/ your(p)dauties
mUö /musóu/ your(p)niece mUÖ /musóus/ your(p)nieces
mUò /musóe/ your(p)daughter mUÒ /musóes/ your(p)daughters
mUô /musóa/ your(p)g'daughter mUÔ /musóas/ your(p)g'daughters
mUõ /musóo/ your(p)great niece mUÕ /musóos/ your(p)great nieces
mEo /mesó/ their(p)dau mEO /mesós/ their(p)daus
mEó /mesói/ their(p)dauty mEÓ /mesóis/ their(p)dauties
mEö /mesóu/ their(p)niece mEÖ /mesóus/ their(p)nieces
mEò /mesóe/ their(p)daughter mEÒ /mesóes/ their(p)daughters
mEô /mesóa/ their(p)g'daughter mEÔ /mesóas/ their(p)g'daughters
mEõ /mesóo/ their(p)great niece mEÕ /mesóos/ their(p)great nieces
mAo /masó/ their(f)dau mAO /masós/ their(f)daus
mAó /masói/ their(f)dauty mAÓ /masóis/ their(f)dauties
mAö /masóu/ their(f)niece mAÖ /masóus/ their(f)nieces
mAò /masóe/ their(f)daughter mAÒ /masóes/ their(f)daughters
mAô /masóa/ their(f)g'daughter mAÔ /masóas/ their(f)g'daughters
mAõ /masóo/ their(f)great niece mAÕ /masóos/ their(f)great nieces
mOo /mosó/ their(m)dau mOO /mosós/ their(m)daus
mOó /mosói/ their(m)dauty mOÓ /mosóis/ their(m)dauties
mOö /mosóu/ their(m)niece mOÖ /mosóus/ their(m)nieces
mOò /mosóe/ their(m)daughter mOÒ /mosóes/ their(m)daughters
mOô /mosóa/ their(m)g'daughter mOÔ /mosóas/ their(m)g'daughters
mOõ /mosóo/ their(m)great niece mOÕ /mosóos/ their(m)great nieces